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pour affréter le yacht entier pour une semaine complète (7 nuits, 8 jours). Nous proposons une offre tarifaire tout compris pour La majorité de nos yachts, surtout les plus petites de voile et de puissance yachts, ce qui inclut tous les aliments, les boissons et les activités offerts à bord. La majorité des grands yachts à moteur fonctionne sur un tarif plus tous les frais de base. Tous nos yachts sont avec équipage (capitaine & équipage).

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Featured Yachts


Length:64.50 m
Guests: 12
Cabins: 6
Rate:  110 000 Euros/week (High season rate)

Black Swan

Length: 40.50 m
Guests: 10/12
Cabins: 5
Rate:  49 000 Euros/week (High season rate)


Length: 31,45 m
Guests: 11
Cabins: 4
Rate:  54 000 Euros/week (High season rate)


Length: 21.60 m
Guests: 8
Cabins: 4
Rate:  15 500 Euros/week (High season rate)


Length: 43,50 m
Guests: 12
Cabins: 6
Rate:  155 000 Euros/week (High season rate)

Criss C

Length: 34 m
Guests: 11
Cabins: 5
Rate:  55 000 Euros/week (High season rate)


Length:  37,00 m
Guests: 12
Cabins: 5
Rate:  100 000 Euros/week

Over the rainbow

Length: 35,00 m
Guests: 10
Cabins: 4
Rate: 35 000  Euros/week (High season rate)

State of Grace

Length: 39,40 m
Guests: 9
Cabins: 4
Rate:  160 000 Euros/week (High season rate)


Length:  29 m
Guests: 8
Cabins: 4
Rate:  64 000 Euros/week (High season rate)


Length: 22 m
Guests: 8
Cabins: 4
Rate:  22 000 Euros/week (High season rate)

Beija Flor

Length: 28 m
Guests: 8
Cabins: 5
Rate:  48 000 Euros/week (High season rate)

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For your events

For your events aboard your yacht

CASTLEMAIN is pleased to announce its new partnership with the Chef Ermanno GERIA and his team, experts at our service in the field of dinner receptions, cocktails, prestigious events on board your chartered yacht or stern to the quay under tents …

For your events on land

Palais Massier is a prestigious location perfectly suited for your receptions, gala dinners or cocktails …
It is located only a few minutes in distance from the Croisette in Cannes “facing the Big Blue” … Please enquire for dates, rates and conditions…